What is an escape room?

You may be asking what is an escape room, or also known as a quest room or a panic room. Well, it is a game played by a team of around 8 people at a time with the main objective being to escape the room before the timer ends! Each of our mobile escape room games includes a themed storyline, props, clues, puzzles and games. We bring the game to you along with all the props and puzzles and lighting. You can supply the room or we can bring along partition walls or marquees to create the room.

Our staff will explain the story and rules of the game to the players, then invite them into the room, the timer is started and players will now need to work together to look for clues, solve puzzles and ultimately unlock the final door to escape before the timer reaches zero.

This is great for team building as you will need to work together in the short amount of time if you want to escape. The length of the game is typically 25-45 minutes. We can adapt the game and number of puzzles to accommodate your number of players. In between games it does take 10-15 minutes to reset to be ready for the next group. We also include a member of staff who is inside the game with the players, they are there to provide clues, encourage players and help build the intensity. We also play atmospheric music inside which adds to the excitement of the game.

Suitable for corporate events, team building, universities, and family fun days. With some modification to the games it is also suitable for children’s birthday parties (over 10 with adult supervision) or even have an escape room at your wedding reception!