About mobile escape rooms

We are escape room designers and escape room enthusiasts and have played some of the best rooms around the world. We also run 10 escape room games over two locations in both the Sunshine Coast at the Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore and also our new Red Lock escape room Brisbane at Westfield Northlakes. www.redlockescaperooms.com.au


We are so proud to be Australia’s first mobile escape room provider, and work with organisations to create fun events, and even customized room to facilitate training activities. Our escape room games are original, fun and offer a unique, and fun team building experience.

The benefit of a mobile escape room is that we can bring the experience to you, and it can be completely customised to fit with your event schedule and number of attendees.


Our Rooms

We have several options to create the room:

  • Transform existing spaceĀ  – If you already have some available space, we will transform your empty shell into an immersive escape room adventure!
  • Branded Marquee – for outdoor events or large conference rooms, our branded Marquees create the perfect
  • Premium wooden cube room – our new premium Cube Escape room is ideal for shopping centre activiations or other longer events. Branding is also available for this option


Our Games

We have two themes normally available but can custom create game themes.

  • Area 51 – Our most popular! Suitable for ages 11+
  • CSI – Put your detective skills to the test with this one. Suitable for ages 11+
  • Other custom themes can be created

New mobile virtual reality services

We are pleased to announce that we can now also offer mobile virtual reality escape room experiences. We have opened a virtual reality centre under our new name VR Hero. More information can be found by contacting us at Red Lock or VR Hero.

Our Packages

Our escape room packages include:

  • Room setup along with lighting, music, props and puzzles
  • Gamemaster to setup and run the games
  • Group photos of each team
  • Option presentations for winning teams / player of the day


What is an escape room?

You may be asking what is an escape room, or also known as a quest room or a panic room. Well, it is a game played by a team of around 8 people at a time . They are given the background story and main objective, and then need to find the clues, work together and solve the puzzles to complete their task within the time limit!

The main objective is either to escape the room or complete a mission before the timer ends. Your gamemaster will explain the story and rules of the game to the players, then invite them into the room, the timer is started and the game begins! Players can ask for clues during the game, and for competitions, we can limit the number of clues to three.

Our mobile escape rooms are great for team building as players need to work together. The length of the game is typically 25-45 minutes. We can adapt the game and number of puzzles to accommodate your number of players. In between games it does take 10-15 minutes to reset to be ready for the next group. We also include a member of staff who is inside the game with the players, they are there to provide clues, encourage players and help build the intensity. We also play atmospheric music inside which adds to the excitement of the game.

Suitable for corporate events, team building, universities, and family fun days. With some modification to the games it is also suitable for children’s birthday parties (over 10 with adult supervision) or even have an escape room at your wedding reception!

Remember we do also now have virtual reality escape rooms, please visit www.vrhero.com.au