What is a mobile escape room?
It is a fun team challenge. We bring the game to you, up to 16 participants enter the room and have up to 60 minutes to look for puzzles, solve clues and ultimately try and escape the game before the timer reaches zero. We can conclude each game for a commemorative group photo.

Is the game in the van/truck?
No, we unload all of the game from the truck and set it up inside our mobile walled structure, marquees or insude a room within your venue, the game isn’t played inside the truck

How long does the game last?
We can adapt the game to fit within your schedule from a minimum 20 minutes up to a 1 hour game.

How many people can play at once?
We can adapt the game to suit your number of players but it needs a minimum of 4, ideally 6-8 but up to 16 players.

Can two separate teams compete?
Yes! We can setup two identical games and run competitions.

What game themes do you have?
Currently we have the Area 51, Vegas Hangover, Mad Scientist, and Great Zoo Escape and Lost Identity (table top game). Please contact us for availability.

Can you create a custom/branded theme?
Yes we can design a new game specifically for your event, contact us for pricing details

How much does it cost?
A lot of different factors affect the final hire charge, which include where the event is, the date, how many hours you need it for. Prices start from $995. Please contact us to get a quote.

Does it need power?
Yes and no. Ideally power would be available so that we can add the atmospheric lighting, lasers and other effects, however we can setup without these items and still run the game.

Does it have to come in a marquee?
If you have an area inside then we can set the game up using partition walls and we don’t need the marquees. If you can have actual room available¬†we can offer a reduced price.

Do you have a permanent escape room?
Yes! We are pleased to announce our first permanent escape room, Red Lock Escape Rooms! Our escape rooms are located at Sunshine Plaza, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Qld. Please check out our Red Lock website for more information and online bookings: www.redlockescaperooms.com.au