You wake up with a terrible hangover in a cheap Vegas hotel room, looks like something straight out of the seventies. The room is in a mess and you begin to have flashbacks of the night before.

You do remember that you had way too much to drink and thought it would be funny to dance on the lobby desk smashing several ornaments and trashing a computer. The phone rings in the room and you are told that your actions have been caught on CCTV and security are now on their way to the room. You have 20 minutes to escape the room before they arrive.

This mobile escape room game is best suited for ages 15 plus due to some of the adult themed content inside the room. However we can adapt the escape room to be more suited to younger players.

hangover escape room game

The escape room is a great team building exercise. Your team are firstly introduced to the story of the game and the rules are explained to them by our staff. They then enter into the room and the countdown timer commences. The team works together to search the room for clues and props. Using these clues and props together they can then start to solve some of the puzzles. As they progress through the game our staff are there to give clues (normally no more than 3).

The game can be setup inside our branded marquees, or let us transform your space into The Love Inn, Las Vegas!

Our escape rooms are available Australia-wide. Please contact us for a quote today.